This year Valentine's Day is more different than last year. 
Or more than the years before. 
We used to go out on Valentine's Day, we would meet the partner
, bring her a bouquet of flowers and say "get ready to go out".
We would go out to a restaurant and then go see a movie, some would set attractions for couples like a cooking / creation workshop. Then returning home and bringing another cute and exciting gift that will leave a memory for many years to come.  
This time it's not like that. 
I haven't visited a cinema for almost a whole year (this is something I would do every weekend!) and restaurants only have takeaway. 
Ordering food at home and watching a movie in pajamas is not the same thrill
(a picture of me in a red dress and make-up and with neat hair VS a picture of me in Wanzi without makeup with a doritos snack has a difference). 
Valentine's Day is coming and with it the Quarantine who does not want to leave.

I will be uploading to the Valentine's page original gifts and special designs\decoration that you can make in honor of Valentine's Day for one you love so much. 
For an exciting Valentine's Day that will leave a powerful thrill!
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