Luxury Pacifier And Box Set
Luxury Pacifier And Box Set
Luxury Pacifier And Box Set
Luxury Pacifier And Box Set
Luxury Pacifier And Box Set

Luxury Pacifier And Box Set

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• Unique & beautiful - This is the perfect gift for your baby, made with zirconia stones. 14K Gold Plate Pacifier

• Designed for maximum comfort - Our pacifiers has a unique nipple shape that is proven to be the best for your babies comfort.

• SGS report - We are proud to say that our pacifiers are 100% safe for your baby.

• Crafted by hands - Our entire luxury pacifier line is crafted with love by hands.

*Notes on using a pacifier:
Be very careful with the pacifiers, our company produces pacifiers by hand and each pacifier is tested before its preparation and carefully checked if all the parts are really good for creating the perfect pacifier, and the pacifiers together with the clip undergo further testing after preparation, before coming out as a package to the customer to check The product.
Still, it is best to exercise caution and avoid the following:


 Absolute ban on detectives heating in the microwave.
• It is strictly forbidden to boil in a pot with boiling water.
 A total ban on putting in a dishwasher.
 It is allowed to share with the hand with soap, pay attention - share well before giving the baby so that there is no soap left.
 Always be supervised, do not leave the child alone with the pacifier, always check on the health of your baby. Before bringing the pacifier to the baby, move a finger over the stones and check if the nipple is securely attached to the pacifier housing.
 You can put hot water in a glass, and dip only the nipple of the pacifier and dry before giving to the baby. Even after this operation check the nipple of the pacifier.
 Always keep in a sterile pacifier box! If the pacifier is not in baby activity, leave the pacifier in a clean box that has been properly disinfected.