Set Ecological Diaper


The Baby Diaper is made of a renewable and durable lightweight bamboo to create a soft feel and absorbent.
The water repellent fabric is designed to maintain the temperature of the skin and keeps your baby warm, dry and comfortable.
The ultra-lightweight design offers a soft, comfortable feel with a natural hand feel in your hands.
The long-life bamboo is soft to the touch, quick drying, and won't stretch or twist so you won't have to worry about the itch, discomfort, or discomfort.



How to clean the diaper?

1. Before starting to use the diapers, wash and dry the diaper.
2. After the baby has used the ecological diaper, shake and dispose of the solids left on the diaper into the toilet\trash before you put the diaper in the washing machine.
Then put the eco-diaper in a pail so that most of the dirt comes out and then transfer to the washing machine for washing.
If you wash by hand, use water at a temperature of 40 degrees, and use laundry detergent.
3. Dry the eco-diaper well, it is possible to dry both in a clothes dryer and by hanging in the sun.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Matt Lang

Ótimas fraldas, qualidade nota 10 chegou rápido... 18 dias

Kaitlin Cruickshank

The diaper has excellent quality. Compared side by side with the brand dipano here Brasil and fabric quality and workmanship is almost the same. Only thing was that when bought was in doubt and not comes the absorbent, only the diaper cover, then need to buy the absorbent, but still worth the price and quality

Athena Bernier

Very loving, very worth the price! I highly recommend!

Paul McLaughlin

Amoooo! Simply Perfect!!! Delivery within 30 days.

Bill Cassin

Loved too, as always high quality and super fast!!!! High quality best price!!

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