Silicone Water Cup

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We both know that babies are very curious and interested in everything and want to explore and understand, you will always find your baby interested in something and honestly will want to know what it is.
He will catch everything, turn it over and put it in his mouth.
Especially when the teeth want to come out they have the need to put things in their mouth and try to chew.
The difficulty after the baby turns his plate of food or glass with the drinks and snacks and you must to clean everything because the baby is more curious to put the plate itself in his mouth.
This is the most perfect solution that can be offered in such a situation!

Meet Zohar Gifts amazing silicone collection in its trendy pastel colors!

Our silicone collection is suitable for your little one from four months or more - from the first puree meal, to the first attempts to eat independently.
Parents who are aware of the trend rely on clear and convinced lines of many features and are particularly comfortable.

The simple design and stable shape of the cup make it easy for you to feed your child and also make it easy to drinkindependently for your little one.
The rim of the raised cup p
revents spills - this is how the success of independent drinking makes you and your child especially proud. Silicone cups are comfortable to stay safely and stable on the table.

Create your own set with the matching tableware from our store or expand your items in different colors!

Zohar's silicone collection is designed to provide innovative, healthy solutions with a unique functional design, for parents and their children.
Quality and safety are paramount, and all products have been tested and approved in accordance with European and FDA standards.
Zohar's silicone collection is made of silicone and BPA-free and is environmentally friendly, a healthy and plastic-friendly alternative.
Contributes to the development of fine motor skills.
Easy to clean - just rinse with water or dishwasher.
The dishwasher can be washed on the top rack.
Safe for microwave use and heat resistant.

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