PregnaStrap™ Belly Pregnancy Strap

Every pregnant woman needs this pregnancy support belt.

Do you ever wonder what it feels like to carry a big round belly?
The body ache, the rising hormones, and the limited movement all contribute to the struggle of every woman during pregnancy.
Thank God for pregnancy support belts!
It is a major life hack of every pregnant woman who’s dragging herself out of bed every day carrying her heavy belly.
With this support belt, you’ll have more support in carrying your belly.
As a result, you’re less likely to have backache, fatigue, and stress. What a relief right?
But here’s more, it is an elastic band that wraps around your belly.
It’s almost like a warm, comforting hug that helps you get through the day.
Get this as a gift for your wife, daughter, friend, or sister.
To all pregnant women out there, you’ll regret not getting one of these.

The Belly Strap designed specifically for pregnant women who have designed it by medical professionals.
Belly Strap is designed to be worn during pregnancy, it is possible to wear it even after birth.
It is very comfortable and relieves the woman's body during pregnancy, and is not visible under clothing.
4 adjustable modes that support you in all trimesters.
The Belly Strap helps you avoid stretch marks on the belly.

Will this product hurt my baby?

The answer is no, of course, it is 100% safe for you and your baby! The design of this pregnancy belt is to give support to your growing belly, so it will not compress or push your belly inwards. In addition, the lower bandage supports your belly from below and a smaller bandage in your diaphragm is an added grip that adds more comfort to you. It is also a support belt that is 100% safe for your baby, and it is completely convenient for you! It is best for working moms and moms on the go! Say goodbye to heavy belly and say hello to your pregnancy belt buddy!

The pregnancy support belt is an elastic band that wraps around your belly, giving you ample support.
Moreover, it is from breathable material so you don’t feel sticky and uncomfortable even if you wear it during day time.

It is important to measure the belt before you order so that it is not too big or too small for you.
Look at the measurement table and adjust the right size for you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Elmira Barrows

Delivery mega fast! the belt came in 9 days from the time of order! once its 42 size took M, the stock is many more, until the end of pregnancy is likely to be to be It's 19 weeks now)

Lavon Mertz

I'm 5'1 all baby and it did not fit! was surprised to see I have to increase size. do not get medium if you v are around my size haha

Bridget Kulas

Thanks for the belt.
In general, the belt came, black, as ordered.
Relieves a lot of the load on the back.

Ashly Crist

Too big for now (5th month of pregnancy) but still can be used, it is very comfortable and safe.

Susanna Goyette

Everything is perfect girls order boldly, the material is pleasant fell in love with the first touch, very convenient Miracle

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